Somers Cultural Commission

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DateDescriptionClick-able Link
July 7, 2012Art Show Information posted Art Show
May 30, 2012Photo Show Winners announced Photo Show
May 16, 2012Summer Concert Series Updated Summer Concerts
May 16, 2012Piedmont Percolator Updated Piedmont Percolator
March 20, 2012Forms Library Added Forms Library
February 20, 2012Photography Show Details Photography Show
"Summer Concert Series Information Released Summer Concerts
"Art Show Early Information Art Show Details
January 12, 2012Piedmont Percolator Details Spring Performers announced
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"Scholarship WinnerScholarship Winner
September 15, 2011Announcement of new event Piedmont Percolator
June 10, 2011Details for 2011 Art Show announced Piedmont Art Show 2011
April 15, 2011Birding Program Announced Birding Program
April 15, 2011Art Exhibit Details Art Exhibit Information
April 15, 2011Photography Show Details Photography Show Brochure