Somers Cultural Commission

Somers Art Exhibit

Town Hall
600 Main Street, Somers, CT

The Cultural Commission is pleased to invite regional artists to display their art at Town Hall. This art will remain on display for up to two months.

For Additional Information, call 860-763-1833

Artwork originals, (oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, graphite, ink, silverpoint, etc. or original photographs) by Somers artists will be hung in Town Hall for 2 months at a time. Artwork must be framed and ready for hanging (no saw-tooth hangers accepted). There is no entry fee. Acceptance will be subject to space availability. Subject matter must be appropriate for public display. This is an exhibit, not a show. Number of entries per artist may vary at any given time depending on space availability.

This opportunity is open to Somers artists, age 15 and above. Artwork may or may not be for sale. A three part form must be completed for each entry. Click the Forms Image below to obtain a copy of this form.

Reasonable care will be exercised in the handling, transportation and display of works submitted. However, neither the Town of Somers nor the Cultural Commission or their agents or representatives will be held responsible for loss or damage, regardless of how it may occur to any work while in the process of being exhibited. Submission of artwork to the exhibit shall be understood to imply an agreement on the part of the submitter to these conditions of liability.

Click the Forms Image for printer
friendly Entry Form.